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Contact Us

Greetings and may you always be happy. I hereby (Abdul Rahman) confirm that I am the owner of the Bio Air Society, stating truthfully. 

Meanwhile, if you want to contact a person with me, please contact the mail address and WhatsApp number listed in the following section. 

Thank You. Best regards, Bio Air Society team.

Gmail :

Whatsapp : +6285731950140

Important before contacting admin! 

1. Make sure before you send a message to the Admin of Bio Air Society, state your intentions clearly, why?

  • Because the Bio Air Society virtual admin is currently limited and serving many incoming requests.

2. How to make your message clear in the eyes of the Bio Air Society admin?

  • It's simple, first, please introduce yourself, include an even better address, or it could just be your nickname or nickname.

3. After you have clearly introduced yourself, please convey your purpose of contacting the admin contact.

  • By conveying your intent and purpose clearly, your chances of being responded to appropriately are greater.